Bottelsen 80 Series Hammer Head Dart Review

The hammer head point is a unique feature when the dart hits the spider, the point retracts into the dart body. This allows the point to slip off the wire and then the forward motion of the dart body hammers the point into the target. ​

is a really unique feature that virtually eliminates bounce-outs!

But is it really worth it? We wanted to find the answer to this.

First, we picked up a very affordable 24g 80 series hammer head from Bottelsen.

Bottelsen 80 Series 80% Tungsten Hammer Head Steel Tip Black Steal 1/4-Inch Diameter Dart, 24 Gram
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Bottelsen 80 Series 80% Tungsten Hammer Head Steel Tip Black Steal 1/4-Inch Diameter Dart, 24 Gram
  • Packaged in a Top Box carrying case
  • Features 80% Tungsten Barrel
  • Aluminum Shafts
  • Country of Origin:China

Review of the Hammer Head Dart

After getting our set, we tossed them a few hundred times almost immediately. They are very well constructed and don't feel loose like some other dart brands that have a retractable head. 

Barrel Material

The barrel of this Bottelsen Hammer Head dart is 80% Tungsten, which is a good combination of cost/benefit. If you need more info about choosing a barrel material, check out our dart buying guide.

Tungsten is a great material for durability and it is very dense. The density allows them to make it heavier and take up less area. Because of that, the barrels are thinner and also more durable.


The grip is really aggressive and a great feature. Part is rough and part smooth with a thin barrel that provided adequate size to fit multiple darts in a tight cluster. The rough part works well with rougher hands while the smooth part will work well for others.

It's a perfect combination to satisfy most throwing styles.

Some people have complained the grip is a little small. It's probably true because this is important for many players. It is a little hard to determine in the pictures and it's not specifically mentioned in the specs. So keep that in mind.

But, the thinner barrel allows for a tighter grouping and higher scoring on the board

Bottelsen Hammer Head Dart Review


It comes with a standard shaped dart flight. This provides excellent lift and stability. It's perfect for a heavy dart too.

Other Bottelsen Hammer Head Darts

There are several different lines of the Hammer Head dart and they range from around $50 to $100+. These Bottelsen Hammer Head Darts come in a 3 pack at the lower end of that price range.

This is based mostly on the tungsten amount, which 90% and 95% tungsten being for higher end darts, and less tungsten for more middle-range darts. The 80% mark is the best cost/benefit ratio. 

Here are a few of the most popular options:

Wrapping Up The Bottelsen Hammer Head Dart Review

Overall this line is a definite "buy." The retractable tip definitely works and the quality is extremely good.

With the 80% Tungsten Hammer Head from Bottelsen, you can get a great product for a reasonable price. This is perfect for aspiring darters who are getting good at the game but don't want to drop $100+ per dart like the pros do.

What Others Are Saying About the Hammer Head Dart by Bottelsen

By Gregory Wilson

These Hammer Heads were delivered on time and they work a-OK. The grip is a too small for me by a little bit. It's hard when you're ordering to know the diameter of the dart and for someone like me, that makes a huge difference.

By Mathew McConnel

These are quite amazing darts. When I got them, one of the tips were bent. :-(. But Bottelsen sent me a brand new set of Hammer Heads and let me keep the others, so now I have 5 good ones.

These have really improved my game because they throw great. I'm thinking about picking up another set so I can keep one with me and keep the other set at home, and have some spares in case I damage one. ​

My father prefers Bottelsen and I'll be picking him up some Hammer Heads for his birthday for sure.

By Kenneth Sawyer

Great weight, great darts. These Hammer Head darts are EXACTLY what I was looking for and exactly what I need. Bottelsen is an awesome brand.

Our Review Of Bottelsen Hammer Head

Hammer Head Dart Review
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Summary of Review of Hammer Head Darts

Overall this is a quality product and worth it to buy, especially in the mid-price range. Some people complain of the barrel being too thin, but the grip is aggressive and the quality is superb.