Viper Shot King Bristle Dart Board Review

Today we're going to take a look at very popular Viper Shot king Sisal Bristle Dart Board.

This is probably one of the most popular dartboards available for sale due to it's decent quality, price, and the fact that it comes with 6 darts.

When you buy this board, you have everything you need to be up and running in about 10 minutes.

But, is it really worth the money?

Let's find out...

Taking a Look at The Viper Shot King Dartboard

The first thing to point out is this is not an entirely staple free dart board. It has a staple free bullseye though.

viper shot king review bullseye

Entry level dartboars will usually have staples in the bullseye, so this is a step up from that.

Since we're talking about the wiring, let's look at that in more detail first.

Viper Shot King Wiring System

What pops out immediately is the perfectly round spider wires that rest on top of the board. You can even see in the picture there is a space between the wire and the board.

Wile this gets the job done, you can tell that it won't help bounce outs very much.

But, the wire appears thick and strong, so it is unlikely to bend or break when it is hit directly by the dart.

Around the bullseye, there is a thin triangular wire to help deflect shots in and reduce bounceouts around that area.

Also, it does come with a movable number ring, so you can rotate the board to even out the wear spots.

Shot King Dartboard Size

This is an official tournament size dartboard which is 18" in diameter and has a play area of 15.5"

Rotating the Viper Shot King

There are three positions to place the holding knobs on the back. So, when the board begins to wear in one area, simply take it off the hanging bracket, rotate the board, and move the number ring.

This is a super simple and easy way to balance the dartboard to help it last a lot longer than normal.

Overall Impression of the Viper Shot King

Overall, a decent board that is made with decent quality. The spider is round and not angled to help reduce bounce outs, the bristle is made from good quality sisal and should last a long time.

What Others Are Saying

By Paul Chen

I wasn't afraid to get an old fashioned dartboard made from wire and staples. This board is good quality and the bristle is packed really tight, so it does a great job.

The problem I had was with the frequent bounce outs. This is caused by the viper shot king's round wires that separate the numbers and also forms the doubles and trebles and also the outer bull ring.

Sure, the inner bull ring is staple free and works as it's advertised, but the bounce outs are just too much for me.

By Richard Wolfe

This is really a great quality board overall. It would have been nice if the shot king came with a staple free design, but it's definitely better quality than others at this price point.

The darts that come with this dartboard are OK but the shafts are garbage. Make sure you buy some spares.

By Johnny Joe Stix

I play on average of one hour per day, and I've bought 2 of these Viper Shot King dartboards now and they are an EXCEPTIONAL value!

If you play for more than 5 minutes at a time or more than once a month, you really need two things. First, forget about paper boards, you need a fiber board (like this one from Viper). Second, you need a removable number ring, which this also has.

If you are throwing darts on a regular basis, certain numbers get 4x more darts than other numbers. So, they get chewed up real bad while the rest of the dartboard is good.

This board meets both of those and it's a really good price for the quality.

Our Review Of The Viper Dart King Review
  • Quality
  • Material
  • Thin Wiring
  • Bounce Outs

Viper Shot King Dartboard Review

It does have a staple free bullseye, which is great, but, the spider is made from round galvanized metal which does very little to prevent bounce outs elsewhere on the board.

The biggest drawback – the round wire spider, is offset by a very high-quality board that lasts a long time and is durable.

It does come with 6 darts, which is great for a true beginner who wants everything needed to get started playing right away.

Overall not a bad dartboard for the price.

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