Viper Sinister Dart Review Steel Tip 95% Tungsten

The Viper Blitz  is a high quality 95% tungsten dart offered at a very reasonable price for a 3 pack.

It has a number of features that sets it apart from the competition. These include rotating shafts, locking holes, great grips, and slim flights. 

But is it really worth it? ‚Äč

Let's try to answer that question now...

Viper Blitz Dart Specifications

You can purchase this dart in 4 different sizes - 22g, 24g, 26g, and 28g.

Barrel Material

The barrel of this Viper Blitz is made from 95% tungsten and 5% nickel. While the high quantity of tungsten allows it to be amazingly slim, it also can cause the dart to be a little brittle.

So, make sure you are taking care of them to prolong their life.

If you are't sure about how to select the material of the barrel, check out our guide to buying the right darts.

The high quantity of tungsten and slim profile means you can fit more darts into a smaller area. Ultimately, this leads to higher scores.


You can get this dart with 4 different types of grip.

The Viper blitz is offered in:

Finely ringed - perfect for people with smooth hands

Large Knurl - knurls in the rare and grip up front is a good combination grip

Sharkfinned - a good middle-ground grip.

5 Banded Knurl - For the most coarse hands

Viper Blitz Dart Grip


The pack comes with 6 slim wide glide flights. The provide excellent stability for a standard arched throw.

Viper Blitz Shaft

The Viper Blitz has an aluminium rotating shaft feature that allows the flights to rotate if they come in contact with other darts and flights. This reduces bounce outs and helps you win games.

Additionally, the shaft comes with locking holes so it fits more securely into the barrel. You won't have to keep tightening the shaft throughout the game because it will be locked securely into the barrel.

Other Viper Darts

Viper produces a huge range of darts, including a wide variety of lines of tungsten steel tip darts.

They range anywhere from about $30 up to $100. Overall, Viper offers good quality darts at a reasonable price. They are not the highest end or the lowest end, but are a solid mid-range tungsten dart brand.

The price is based primarily on the amount of tungsten. 90% and 95% are going to the be the most costly while 80% or less is the least expensive.

Here are a few of the most popular options:

Wrapping Up The Viper Blitz Dart Review

Overall this line is a definite "buy." The spinning shaft is a nice feature along with the locking holes. It is slim and good quality with a sleek finish.

Overall, we like the darts, but the high amount of tungsten means you need to baby them a bit and make sure you aren't banging them around.

What Others Are Saying About Viper Blitz Darts

By Jacob Johnson

I love these darts, honestly! I wish they came with spare shafts (so I'm giving it 4 stars instead). But, other than that these are great.

By Constantine Socrates

Very well made darts by Viper. I highly recommend these Blitz, or even the Viper V-Factor which a little less expensive. Both are great.

By Philip Franklin

I'm definitely a beginner so these are probably out of my league. But, I love them! The first dart I bought was a tungsten 24g dart from dart world. I was happy with that but then I broke them and got these Viper Blitz darts to replace them. Loving them every second I use them.

Our Review Of Viper Blitz 95% Tungsten Darts

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Viper Blitz Dart Review

Overall this is a really high-quality dart that is 95% tungsten and sold in a 3 pack for a very reasonable price. The grip is aggressive and the quality is superb. The high quantity of tungsten can cause the dart to be a little brittle at times.